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After VIRIDIS took over my lawn maintenance, my grass when from yellow to green. My once poky lawn become soft again and fun to lay on. My neighbors always ask me “How do you keep your grass so green and weed free?” I respond with, “It’s not me… VIRIDIS does all the work!” Thank You VIRDIS for making my yard the envy of the neighborhood! ---- June M. Utah

Lawn Care Salt Lake City, UT

Lawn care salt lake city ut

VIRIDIS offers lawn care for Salt Lake City, UT and pest control.  We are committed to providing you with the best lawn possible and a pest free home. With our proprietary blends of nutrition and weed prevention you can rest assured that your lawn will be lush and green. Owner Kagen Knudsen has been in the landscaping/green industry for almost 10 years. Relying on the experience and training gathered over the years, our technicians are able to tackle or advise on any lawn or pest issue that you may be dealing with.

Expertise and experience only goes as far as the honesty and integrity of the individual providing it. We are committed to providing you the best possible service with clean cut, reliable, honest service techs. We understand the trust you place in us and treat that trust with the up-most care.

A beautiful, lush, green lawn will not only showcase your home, it can also enhance the physical appearance of your house. You don’t have to have a green thumb to have the best looking house on the block. VIRIDIS LAWNS fertilizes and cultivates a weed free grass while you relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Our Lawn Care professionals can provide you with a one-time lawn treatment, in which your lawn will be looking better after just one application. But, one time treatments don’t create flawless lawn that lasts. We offer a multiple Lawn Care treatment plan that will keep your lawn looking beautiful, lush, and free from pests or diseases. Our Utah lawn care & fertilizing services are designed to work with your individual needs.

VIRIDIS offers free lawn care estimates for Salt Lake City residents… simply give us a call 801-367-9961 and we will have one of our Utah lawn care professionals evaluate your lawn and it’s specific needs.  All of our lawn assessments are done by a Salt Lake City Lawn care specialist. Our professionals  are able to determine the proper treatment and lawn maintenance that your lawn requires to be healthy and strong!

Affordable Lawn Care Salt Lake City, Utah

We have affordable rates for Salt Lake City residents and surrounding areas with customize plans to fit your needs. Salt Lake City Lawn care prices start as low as $42 for a 4000 sqft lawn.  Our custom package includes:  Perfectly timed applications to keep your lawn lush and healthy.  Weed and insect free lawn.  Fertilization & nutrition for optimal growth and soft to the touch feeling.   Our most popular plan includes: 7 lawn applications, plus our perimeter pest control bundle.  Our other services include: Grub control, disease control, fungal control, water conservation applications and lawn aeration for Salt Lake City.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of our services!

Serving Salt Lake County, which includes Salt Lake City, Sandy, Draper, South Jordan, West Jordan, Midvale and Murray and Northern Utah County, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and Lehi. We have many satisfied customers. Call us today, 801-367-9961 you’ll be glad you did. We’ll do the work. You relax and enjoy the results!

Lawn Fertilizer Service for Salt Lake City

Lawn Fertilizer Service for Salt Lake City

VIRIDIS fertilizing service is formulated for Utah lawns that experience harsh winters and blistering summers. Creating gorgeous lawns for our customers is very satisfying for us — we love the joy soft green grass can bring your family.

It is no secret that grasses need nourishment. It’s not enough to simply water your lawn and hope for sunshine. Fertilizer is also important to provide the nutrients grass needs to grow healthy and thick.  VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Utah wants to help you understand lawn fertilization specific to the Salt Lake City area so you have the healthiest, most beautiful lawn you can.

Fertilizing your lawn is important because it causes grass to grow thicker which can help reduce runoff, and increases grass’ drought tolerance which often occurs in the Salt Lake area during the summer.

Grass types and soil composition, as well as mowing, watering and other care practices can change the amount and frequency of fertilization needs.  Thick, green lawns are receiving enough nutrients from clippings, soil, or previous fertilization and don’t require more.  Lawns with bare areas, excessive weeds and discolored areas would likely benefit from fertilization.  According to the Utah State University Extension office, 90% of lawns in the Salt Lake valley soil test high or very high in phosphorus and adequate in potassium. This means that nitrogen may be the only fertilizer your lawn needs. It is one of the most important nutrients you can give your lawn. Nitrogen promotes growth and dark green coloration.  Soil testing can help determine the lacking nutrients and fertilizer can then be more customized to meet the needs of your particular lawn. Hiring a professional like VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake will help insure that your grass only receives the nutrients it needs. Purchasing fertilizer at a store and applying it yourself could lead to unnecessary nutrients being wasted on or even damaging your lawn.

Early fall is the ideal time for fertilizing. Once rigorous growth stops, when temperatures stay below 50°F, fertilizer should be applied. If fertilized improperly during the summer, without adequate irrigation, grass can stall growth or even burn.

As always, VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake is here to help you have the most beautiful landscaping possible. Call us today to receive a consultation on fertilizing your lawn. We specialize in the specific needs of the Salt Lake area and can help your lawn reach its optimal level.

Salt Lake City Weed Control

Weed Control Salt Lake City Utah

VIRIDIS Lawn Care Salt Lake City knows how much pride a beautiful landscape can bring you. Enjoying your lush lawn and beautiful gardens can make the time, money, and effort you put in worth it. For some though, your hard work can be thwarted by unruly weeds. They can spread through roots or airborne seeds and no matter how hard you try, they still can poke through your beautiful landscaping. So what do you do? While nothing guarantees you remain weed free, here are some things that can help deter those weeds significantly:

  • Most importantly, don’t allow bare areas. Weed seeds need to land in bare dirt in order to take root and grow. Preventing bare areas will help reduce your chance of weed germination.
  • Keep your lawn thick and healthy. The denser your grass, the less chance for a weed plant to crop up because they won’t have a bare area to start. Fertilize your lawn appropriately to help encourage strong root growth and healthy plants and reseed with grass seed any time your lawn looks sparse or has bare areas.
  • Mulching gardens and flower beds can do the same thing as growing a dense lawn – remove bare spots for seeds to get a start. Laying down a layer of mulch can also provide nutrients to your gardens and reduce water usage, a win-win situation.
  • Consider shrubs, fences, rock walls, or ground cover along your property lines. Sometimes, neglected weeds from nearby homes or vacant lots can sneak into your landscaping. Weeds have a hard time growing through rocks or in shady areas. Fencing, such as a wooden privacy fence, can help block weeds seeds that travel on a breeze. Ground cover will ensure no bare areas for the weeds to get a start. Utilizing these suggestions can help prevent outside weeds from sneaking across your property line into your lawn.
  • Stay on top of the weeds! Don’t get discouraged and ignore them for weeks. The more diligent you are in removing them, the better off your lawn and gardens will be. Using weed sprays, pulling or hoeing, or hiring a professional lawn care service such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care to help with Salt Lake City lawn maintenance and weed control are the best options. Ignoring them will only allow them to go to seed in your property which will cause more problems later on.

With so many weeds prevalent throughout the Salt Lake Valley, using a professional lawn care service like VIRIDIS Lawn Care just makes sense. Call us today 801-367-9961 for a consultation to help keep your weed problem in check. You’ll love the results.

Salt Lake City, UT Grass Types

Utah Grass Types

There are so many varieties of grasses! They can be divided into two main categories: cool season and warm season, but within each category there are several different varieties. How do you choose the grass type that is best for you? VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City, Utah can help. Below we will look over the grasses that will best serve your Utah lawn and its unique needs.

Narrowing down the grass types that thrive in Utah will help determine the variety that can work for you. Most warm season grasses are only suitable in very warm climates, such as Southern Utah.  These include buffalograss, Bermuda grass, and Zoysiagrass. For the Salt Lake area, cool season grasses are recommended.  If uncared for, most cool season grasses would go dormant during the peak of summer but with water and appropriate care, they grow throughout the summer and will stay lush and green into the fall much later than warm season grasses would. Cool season grasses come in many varieties that each serve different needs.

Kentucky bluegrass will withstand traffic extremely well but doesn’t love very shady areas. It can withstand partial shade though.  This is the most common variety of grass used in Utah lawns.

Tall fescue and fine fescue are good all-around grasses. They can tolerate shady areas as well as withstanding heat better than most cool season grasses. They have a deep root system which can also help them grow well with less water or during dry months.  Fine fescue doesn’t have a high tolerance to heavy traffic though it will grow well in even poor soils. Tall fescue sometimes grows in coarser clumps than other grass types such as Kentucky bluegrass, causing uniformity issues when mixed with other seed varieties.

Perennial ryegrass can look extremely professional in a lawn but will require more upkeep and maintenance. This grass is often mixed with other grass types such as Kentucky bluegrass to add diversity and a beautiful dark green color.

These common Utah lawn grasses can look great in your landscape as long as you choose one that will work well with your soil type and water availability. Mixing the different varieties is a very popular option to reap the benefits of each type of grass while allowing them to compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

Call VIRIDIS Lawn Care Salt Lake City, UT today with questions or for help with your lawn’s care and maintenance.

 Aeration Salt Lake City, Utah

Aeration Salt Lake City, Utah

Lawn aeration is important for most lawns, regardless of location. It can breathe new life into your lawn and help you maintain the healthy, lush lawn you always wanted. This is an especially vital process for clay soils, which Utah has in abundance.

Heavy clay soils, like found throughout the Salt Lake Valley, can compact around the roots of your grass, making it difficult for it to thrive. Lawn aeration removes small plugs of grass and soil which can improve air and water circulation to grass’ root system. Most lawns will need this done at least once. Extra thick lawns, especially those started from sod, may need aerated more than once.

Aeration will leave small holes throughout the lawn, which are then able to receive needed air, water, fertilizer, and herbicides and distribute them throughout the root system. This is also a great way to reduce thatch buildup and help reduce soil compaction of Utah’s clay soils which can make it difficult for the roots to grow.  Allowing the plugs to disintegrate into the lawn is recommended as the pugs provide needed nutrients.

Fall and spring are the best times to aerate. Lawns in UT are most used during the summer months, causing more soil compaction as they are walked on, played on, and barbequed on. Fall aerating helps to undo this so the grass can go through the winter healthier. The harsh Utah winter also takes a toll on lawns. Heavy snow can cause compaction also, especially in clay soils. Long cold spells or slow springs can make it harder for grass roots to start growing when warm weather does come. Spring aerating helps to increase the air and water intake to these roots making it easier for them to produce green in the spring.

Aerating your lawn may not seem like a priority but it is a simple step that can considerably increase the health and beauty of your landscape. Allow VIRIDIS aeration in Salt Lake City serve your aerating needs. Our professionals understand the soil and grass types native to the Salt Lake Valley and can recommend an appropriate aeration schedule to most help your grass grow to its fullest potential.801-367-9961

Utah Soil

Utah Soil.



Much of the Salt Lake area is plagued by clay soils. While clay soil is great at containing nutrients, it is a bit stingy about releasing them. Clay has a tendency to compact and prevent roots from growing through it in order to absorb its nutrients. The other most common soil type in the Salt Lake Valley is sand. This soil is opposite of clay. It is more than willing to allow roots to spread throughout it but contains few nutrients for those roots to absorb. Here, VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake would like to show you the best way to amend these soil types so your plants have the best opportunity to grow.

Clay soils need something added to them to loosen them up. Their particles are so tiny that they compact together. It becomes mud when wet and hard as rock when dry and can even crack apart. Tilling often makes it worse in the long run. Some people suggest adding sand to clay to help loosen it up. While this may work, it is very easy to make cement. The proportions need to be perfect for this method to work. Organic materials including compost, leaves, manure or grass clippings can significantly improve the texture of clay. Depending on the plants you are growing, you may even want to add bark or hay. Adding organic materials in any amount will only improve the soil.

Sandy soils need something that will add nutrients and help hold water. They have much larger particles that allow water, often carrying nutrients with it, to wash through. Sand is much easier to amend than clay. Simply add any organic materials, or combinations of any, and they will help retain moisture and provide necessary nutrients. This soil won’t compact the way clay soil will which also makes it easier to work with.

Both types of soil need new organic materials added each year to keep them at their best. The additions can continue to decompose until they cease helping without continually adding more. The nutrients in any soil can also become depleted by continual growth without any additions.

While very few areas in the world naturally have perfect soil, knowing your type here in the Salt Lake valley will help you be able to amend it to grow your lawn, flowers, trees, and gardens much more easily. At VIRIDIS Lawn Care Salt Lake City, UT, we’re here to help you have the best landscape you can!  For Salt Lake City lawn care that you can count on Call us today 801-367-9961

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