Healthy, lush lawns don’t appear out of thin air. They require time, work, and attention, often more than most people are interested in. At VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City, we care about giving you the beautiful landscape you deserve without all the hassle you would need to maintain it.  Below are services we provide that help create a beautiful surrounding for you.


Fertilizing your lawn is one of the best things you can do to increase its health and beauty. Well fertilized lawns require less water and weed control, withstand stressful environments better, and appear greener than lawns in need of nutrients. The professionals at VIRIDIS Lawn Care will apply the correct amounts of fertilizer at the correct times to take the guesswork out for you and ensure the lawn reaps the full benefits of receiving each fertilizer application.


This important step to maintaining a healthy lawn is often overlooked or ignored. Overseeding helps fill bare areas, maintains youthful grass which increases a lawn’s lush appearance, and can help increase a lawn’s hardiness in different weather conditions.

Soil Conditioning

Trying to grow anything in poor soil makes it much more difficult. Grass is no exception. We condition your soil to make it easier for your lawn to absorb the nutrients in the ground. It also can increase the soil’s ability to absorb and distribute water, resulting in less water usage and more money in your pocket. Conditioning your soil can improve poor soil or help maintain good soil, ensuring your lawn has the advantages it needs to look its best.

Weed Control

Nothing can ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful lawn faster than weeds. Controlling weed growth in your lawn can be frustrating and time consuming. Know which methods of control to use on different weeds can be difficult. Let VIRIDIS Lawn Care take the guesswork and frustration out of weed control for you. Our professionals know how and when to treat the weeds that are plaguing you.

Disease and Fungal Control

Diseases and fungi infestations can wreak havoc on a lawn, leaving bare, thin, or dead spots which can open areas for weeds to take hold. They destroy the health of your grass and can be hard to identify and control. We treat diseases to help your lawn stay or become thick and healthy.

Perimeter Pest Control

No one likes pests invading their area. We can help control and remove many of the common lawn-damaging pests. This not only improves the quality of your landscape but also protects your home from invasion.


Aerating can quickly improve a lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. Soil compaction decreases following aeration which allows roots to spread and develop, creating healthier grass. Allowing us to aerate your lawn can save you time and money on watering and fertilizing costs and easily help your grass grow healthier.

Remember us for your lawn care needs. VIRIDIS Lawn Care – we’ll do the work, you relax and enjoy the results.