Disease Control

Summer is such a wonderful season for enjoying the great outdoors. Backyard fun takes up a lot more of our time but so can working on that yard. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our lawn doesn’t live up to all the care we give it. One of these instances is when lawns contract diseases. No, these aren’t diseases you need to worry about kids or pets catching. These are grass specific diseases that can cause your lawn to look a bit lackluster or even cause large patches to brown and die. At VIRIDIS Lawn Care, we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about lawn diseases destroying your beautiful lawn and undoing all of your hard work.

This is why we offer Lawn Disease Control. This is a simple treatment that will keep your lawn from developing snow mold, fairy ring, brown spot, and necrotic ring, just to name a few. Each of these diseases can cause considerable damage to your grass and take months to rehabilitate. Often, this damage can open up areas to other issues such as weeds or lawn pests. Prevention is always best to keep your

grass growing and thriving.

dead grass

And don’t worry about your children or pets. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to insure that the products are applied correctly so as to be nontoxic to your family. If incorrectly applied, these treatments can be harmful which is why hiring a professional service such as VIRIDIS is such a good idea.

We know how to help your lawn look its best and that is by keeping it as healthy and lush as possible. Call us today to inquire about our lawn disease control to keep your grass growing at its optimal levels so you can enjoy it to your optimal level.



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