7 Lawn Applications

-Custom applications for your lawns needs.

-Perfectly timed applications to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

-Lawn Weeds




-Lawn Insect control available.**

Lawn Care Prices Start at $42 for a 4000 sqft Lawn

Most Popular 

7 Lawn apps + Perimeter Pest Control Plus

-7 Customized lawn applications

-All of the lawn guarantees PLUS

-4 Perimeter Pest Control applications

-Keeps out ants, spiders, and more.

$149/Pest treatment for most homes (Bundle with Lawn Care for amazing discounts!)

Other Services 


-Grub Control

-Disease Control

-Fungal Control

-Water Conservation Applications

Lawn Care



Lawn Assessment

At Viridis we understand that not every lawn has the same needs. We send a Utah Lawn care Specialize to evaluate your lawns specific needs; from there we will determine the proper treatments necessary for your lawn to become healthy and strong. Viridis is the Latin word for “Green” and that is exactly what we want your lawn to be, is green!


Your lawn can become depleted of minerals and prone to disease, if it doesn’t receive the proper nutrients and minerals year round to help replenish it. Receiving the proper minerals and nutrients is essential in creating a healthy beautiful lawn. Our Utah lawn care specialist are trained to know exactly how much and how often treatments should be applied, so that your lawn stays balanced year-round. Hire the best lawn fertilizer service in Utah – VIRIDIS LAWNS!

Weed Controllawn

Weeds are unsightly and can be extremely damaging to your lawn because they deplete your lawn of needed nutrients. When weeds get out of control it becomes very difficult to manage your once “beautiful” lawn and get it back to its former glory. VIRIDIS includes weed control in every full lawn care program.

Surface Insect Control

Insects live above and below the surface of your lawn. Unfortunately, not all insects are harmless.   Some of them can be are very lethal for your lawn and completely destroy what you have worked so hard to preserve. In order to reclaim your lawn and insure that it is healthy, we apply treatments at a specific life stage of these pests to eliminate them. This treatment has little or no environmental impact.

Lawn disease

Without the proper nutrients and minerals your lawn can be prone to diseases. Here are a few of the most common: Brown patches, Dollar Spots or Mold. These diseases and others can be lead to killing your lawn if left un-treated. Viridis Utah Lawn Care Specialists are trained to identify and treat these problems.

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