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Protect your lawn investment

Starting a landscape is no easy task. Not only does it take lots of time and planning, it can be very expensive. Even very simple landscaping can cost a great deal. After spending so much time, effort, and money on creating a beautiful landscape, doesn’t it make sense to maintain that beauty? Maintenance is easier than reforming an overgrown, struggling landscape and can save a lot of money in new plants and grass seed.  Below, we at VIRIDIS will explain a few of the costs associated with starting a new lawn and why it makes sense to invest in maintaining that investment rather than try to fix problems once they appear.

While there are many different methods of starting a lawn, whether by seed or sod, hiring a professional or doing it yourself, the cost can still be significant. According to Home Advisor, members report an average cost of over $800 to start a lawn from sod in the Salt Lake area.  This is less than the national average of $1,700 but still a substantial chunk of change.  The cost rises if you have hills and slopes , irregularly shaped lawns, other obstacles such as beds or trees, a large size lawn, or upgrade the sod grade (quality). Of course, installing the sod yourself could decrease costs but some advantages of hiring a professional include their ability to hide seams, work with difficult areas of your landscape, provide and run equipment, and save you time.  Sometimes, renting necessary equipment might cost you as much as hiring the professional.  But if you have the equipment, time, and energy, laying your own sod could save you up to half the cost of installation.

In addition to the grass itself, many people install a sprinkler system on their new lawn. This saves the hassle of hauling around hoses and sprinklers and insures a much more even water coverage, not to mention, can save you money in the long run. However, this is another very high cost associated with starting a lawn. According to Home Advisor, members report an average cost of almost $3,500 to install sprinklers in the Salt Lake area.  This is more than the national average of almost $2,500 by $1,000!  So while you might spend less on the actual grass than the national average, you will make up for it if you decide on sprinklers.  These costs can also rise based on your unique landscape and the quality of parts you chose.

Most of you have already paid these costs to create your beautiful homes. Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a professional such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City to help protect that investment? With our fertilizer application, pest control treatment, aeration services, disease control, over seeding service, and more, we are perfectly equipped to prevent problems, repair problems, and protect your investment from whatever may come. We take pride in our work and enjoy seeing a beautiful, healthy lawn stay that way. Call us today to find out how we can help you protect your investment.


Aeration: Getting your Utah lawn ready for spring

Aeration Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah it’s time to aerate your lawn! Summer is a great time to freshen up your lawn! It receives a lot of use which can lead to compaction. This in turn, can lead to unhealthy grass that requires more work and water to look decent. The solution? Aeration for your Salt Lake City Home.  Depending on your grass type, aeration can be done during warm months while the grass is not dormant.

In another article we talk about the benefits of aeration, including cutting down fertilizer and water costs and having healthier, happier grass. In this article we’ll talk about why you should hire a professional such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City for this service. While there are methods of aerating your lawn yourself, none are as effective, or easier than, hiring a professional.

The hard way to aerate your lawn.
The hard way to aerate your lawn.

First off, aeration can be hard work! The walk-along aerators you can rent are bulk and difficult to maneuver. Others are pulled behind a small tractor but this still requires you to be out in the heat, battling the bugs, hoping you’re doing it correctly.

Renting these also necessitates you have a way to get it to your house. Either type is large and heavy and won’t fit into a trunk or car. Either variety can cause you to be sore and tired after a day of use.

Another option includes small tools such as strap on spike shoes or two to four plug manual core aerators. While the shoes may seem appealing – you’re walking around out there anyway! – simply stabbing these spikes is not an equivalent to removing plugs of grass. It only moves the dirt rather than REmoving the dirt. This is a short-term, poor fix.

The other manual core aerator option would be much more effective but can you imagine! Ideally, these cores need to be removed about every 6 inches. If you have more than a few square feet of grass, this could take you hours upon hours of hot, drudging labor. For those of you with very small lawns, this would be an acceptable alternative but for anyone else, this could take weeks to complete the lawn.

But the physical labor isn’t the worst part. Perhaps the worst part about doing it yourself is running the risk of damaging your lawn. Professionals know the best timing for you grass variety and for the weather conditions to get you the biggest bang for your work.

Aeration exposes the roots of the grass and while this is beneficial under the right conditions, drought during aeration could dry them out significantly or a hard frost could damage or kill them.

Knowing how often to aerate is another variable. This depends on compaction, grass type, soil type, thatch buildup, etc. A VIRIDIS Lawn Care professional could recommend an appropriate aeration schedule to most help your grass grow to its fullest potential.

While aerating your lawn is possible by yourself, we recommend hiring a professional lawn care service such as VIRIDIS aeration of Salt Lake City.  This will save you the most time, effort, and guesswork. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Your Utah Lawn is begging to be fertilized… Just give in already

Affordable Lawn Care in Utah… Just in time for spring

Are you looking for affordable lawn care in Utah? With warm weather comes green grass and with green grass comes yard work. While we all love to enjoy our beautiful landscaping, doing the work to make it beautiful isn’t always enjoyable.  This can lead to procrastination which in turn leads to much more work and trouble. Hiring a professional lawn care service such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City can take the pain out of an attractive lawn. Don’t wait until later in the summer to call for your lawn care needs. Spring is the perfect time to call and set up an appointment. We offer affordable lawn care in Utah.

Save money with VIRIDIS
Save money with VIRIDIS

Springtime is the best time to treat a lawn for weeds, especially ones that are difficult to control. Treating  them early prohibits them from seeding or from spreading through their root system. It is also a great time to treat any un-germinated weed seeds from the previous year to keep them from establishing. Doing this early can save hours of work later in the year and in years to come.

Professional landscapers can also help your lawn green up sooner by keeping your grass healthy so that it can perform at its peak capacity. Whether your lawn is in need of dethatching, aeration, or fertilization, whether it suffers from bugs, disease, or unexplained thinning areas, our professionals can analyze and respond appropriately to insure your grass remains its healthiest throughout the year. They can also offer advice and help for specific questions you may have.

The earlier you start on your lawn once warm weather hits, the better looking and healthier your grass will remain throughout this summer season and the better it will continue to perform as it reaps the benefits of professional lawn care services. Hiring a professional from VIRIDIS Lawn Care just makes sense. Call today and start saving money with our affordable plans!

Entertaining Prep

lawn careSummer is all about backyard entertaining. Having a pristine landscape helps guests feel welcome, children enjoy themselves, and you feel secure and confident. VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Draper Utah knows how important a lawn’s appearance can be. Below we’ll tell you how to get your area entertainment ready.



This is one of the first things you can do to prepare for your party because the effects are more long lasting. For many, hiring a professional pruning service is easier and safer. For others, know your tree or shrub type and use caution.  Trimming could be done a week or so early.  For trimming flowers or removing dead flower heads, wait until a day or two before your party so you are sure to get all the old debris rather than having to do it twice.



While longer grass can withstand more traffic, no one wants to entertain with a raggy, overgrown lawn. However, mowing too near the event can harm your lawn once it is exposed to so much use. Try to mow around five days prior and don’t mow too short. Keep your mow height around 3 inches, regardless of summertime entertaining to shade roots and maintain health. Mowing in advance will allow a bit of regrowth while still looing groomed.



While watering is very important in the weeks leading up to the date of your party to keep grass healthy and lush, watering should not be done for a couple days prior to guests arriving.  The ground needs time to dry or tables and chairs could sink into the ground, shoes could become muddy and children could get messy.  Depending on your soil type and grass variety and thickness, plan to not water for at least two days before your event.



Spray or sweep walkways to remove grass clippings or other debris on the day of your event. Doing so sooner will be a waste of effort.  This will not only improve appearances but safety as well.


Following these guidelines will help your landscape withstand the rigors of summertime entertaining and you feel prepared for your events to arrive. Don’t forget, parties are to be enjoyed, so get out there and have some fun!

It’s Spring Again, Get your Lawn Care In Utah

It’s that time of year again! Spring has arrived and that means VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City is ready to get to work on your lawn. Our services resume in mid-March to help you green up sooner and get a jump start on controlling those weeds.  We offer a variety of services to help you insure your lawn is the best it can be.

Call us today for an assessment of your lawn’s needs. Each lawn is different, with different needs. Our professionals can help you asses which treatments will be the best bring your grass to peak performance.

We offer fertilization throughout the growing season to help your lawn have the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Knowing your type of grass and soil will assist our professionals in timing and proper application of the fertilization treatments to insure optimal usage and minimal waste.

Brown spots or thin areas? We can help with that too! Whether it’s due to bugs, animals, or disease, we will assess and assist by remedying the problem and giving helpful tips to avoid them in the future.

Our perimeter pest control can help deter pests from ruining your beautiful landscape and destroying your lawn’s health. It can also keep unwanted bugs out of your home and possessions, leaving you will less hassle and more peace of mind.

We will also now be offering aeration. Our aeration service can help your lawn better utilize the water and fertilizer it receives, as well as help air circulation throughout the root system, insuring strong root growth which, in turn, leads to healthy, green grass. Aeration/Overseed is also available in the fall.

Call today to talk with our professionals about your lawn’s needs so we can help you have the landscape you desire.  Remember, with VIRIDIS, we’ll do the work; you relax and enjoy the results.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Service in Utah

Besides looking beautiful, there are many reasons to grow a lawn around your home. VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake can teach you how important grass is to the environment and how to insure you reap the benefits rather than the disadvantages of having a lawn surrounding your home.

Often, we hear arguments against having grass including excessive water usage during a drought and chemical or fertilizer runoff pollution without taking into consideration the benefits of having a lawn.

Having a lawn in good condition with a strong, interwoven root system increases soil stability and erosion and decreases water runoff. This can also help prevent dust and other pollutants which in turn can help keep your home cleaner. The thatch layer can also create a barrier to protect the soil from chemicals that might otherwise enter and pollute the ground or nearby water.

Lawns help keep the air surrounding your home cooler which can help cut air conditioning costs during the summer months. They absorb much of the carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere which can help manage climate changes as well as produce oxygen.

A little known or thought of benefit of lawn landscaping is reduction of noise, especially in more populated areas.  Think of it as padding or carpeting for the outdoors.

Another benefit of a lawn around your home is fire protection. Green healthy grass doesn’t burn easily and having it around your home can help prevent the spread of fires and protect your home from damage.

In order to decrease some of the disadvantages of lawn care and reap the many benefits, chose a grass that is suited to your climate and water wisely, during cooler times and for appropriate amounts of time for your grass and soil type. Avoiding over watering can eliminate the runoff pollution and reduce cost of maintaining your lawn which will allow you to enjoy your lawn without worrying about harming the environment or your pocketbook.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care knows that grass plays an important role to the environment and to a family’s wellbeing. We want to ensure that you have the best lawn suitable to your area and situation. Call us today to help you maintain and care for your landscaping so you can reap the benefits of a healthy lawn.


Beware of Lawn Care Care Services in Utah that over charge and kill your grass

Beware of Lawn Care Care Services in Utah that over charge and kill your grass

Not all lawn care companies are the same. And they vary in more than variety of services provided. Some companies provide great service, care about their customers, have reasonable prices, and do a great job. Others overcharge, ignore their customers’ needs, or provide terrible service. No one hires a professional lawn care service hoping to get poor treatment.  VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City believes in providing the best value lawn care for your money.

Common complaints against other locally based lawn care service companies vary greatly. While some customers complain of other companies’ incompetence in customer care, we pride ourselves on caring about our clients and their happiness. Concerns and complaints are taken seriously and we work to resolve any issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

Where other companies delay or even skip services, we treat your lawn in a timely manner, according to your grass’ individual needs.

Some people complained of other lawn care companies’ inability to treat lawns or pests effectively, and even damaging their landscaping.  Some customers even complained of areas being ignored completely. VIRIDIS Lawn Care guarantees customer satisfaction. We have weed free and pest free guarantees for our full service clients. We work hard to effectively treat your lawn with the attention it requires while listening to your needs and concerns.  We care about our customers’ satisfaction and helping you to beautify your landscaping.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care believes that lawn care should be affordable. We offer discounts for seniors over 60; military, police or fire service person; and for prepaying customers. We offer great treatments for great prices.

Beware of being overcharged by a sub-par company that could damage your landscaping. Instead, call VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City today for your free estimate or to schedule a treatment for your lawn.

How to Separate Grass from unwanted places

While we all love our beautiful, green lawns, keeping them where they belong can sometimes be a nuisance. No one wants their grass taking over their flower or vegetable gardens but what can be done to prevent it? VIRIDIS Lawn Care Utah County can help you determine the best way for you to keep your lawn in check so your gardens can flourish, unhindered by grass. Below are a few different ideas on how to separate your landscaping.

Since most problems with grass getting into gardens is due to the nature of grass spreading underground, using raised beds for flower or vegetable gardening can easily reduce or eliminate grass in these gardens. Elevating them off the ground or laying a protective covering down before filling with mulch and dirt can keep the grass from entering your garden.

Use an edging material such as steel, fiberglass, vinyl or plastic that is made specifically for keeping grass out. Many are not tall enough to entirely keep grass from growing underneath but can definitely slow and reduce the grass that reaches your garden. Install this material properly, making sure to dig deeply enough to set it in nearly its full height. Leave some above the ground or the grass may grow right over it. Ideally, it should be set at least 4 inches underground with a minimum of 1 inch left above ground. This can be covered with rock, brick, or most anything else to add a more finished or decorative look but by themselves, these more attractive materials are insufficient to keep grass in check.

Another alternative involves trenching. One method of trenching, referred to as the “English border,” creates a barrier that is more attractive than other trenching methods. Simply dig along the border between your grass and bed, creating a straight cut on the lawn side and throw the dirt up onto the bed, causing it to slope downward to the bottom of the trench.  This “gap” is easily maintained, looks crisp, and best of all, prohibits grass and weed growth.

A similar approach involves digging a larger trench, about 6 inches deep and 4 inches wide. Then fill the gap with shredded newspaper mixed with water. You should force in as much as possible. Weeds and grass will be unable to grow through this for up to a year. It can be covered with mulch or rocks, etc. in order to improve the appearance. This alternative is also environmentally friendly as newspaper decomposes whereas similar edging method materials are often made of plastics. It, however, will need redone every spring.

Keeping a separation between lawn and garden can improve your landscape’s appearance and your flower and vegetable’s health. Keeping the grass where it belongs will insure you can have all the enjoyment from your home you desire.

Affordable Lawn Care Salt Lake City, Great Rates!

affordable lawn care salt lake city virdisThere is nothing better than hiring a lawn care company to maintain your lush green lawn when you simply don’t have the time or the desire to do so. How do you find an affordable lawn care in Salt Lake City… without reducing the quality of your lawn care?


You have 2 options: Option One is to try it yourself and get nowhere fast, or Option Two is to get yourself a good Lawn Care company in Salt Lake City to do the job. Mind you, the trick is to work out who is a good Lawn Care company, and who is not!




Salt Lake City Lawn care company

Basically, a good affordable Lawn Care in Salt Lake City Company can achieve results that you would not think possible as professional Lawn Care Specialists; they have access to a range of professional turf and lawn care products that are not available to the DIY home owner. The reason why these professional Lawn Care products are not available to the homeowner is that they are simply not registered for home owner use.


Cost is a tricky concept when it comes to lawn care because of the variety of factors that must be considered. Some people simply look at the cost of hiring a lawn care company in Utah as unnecessary because they can do it themselves for free. However, this isn’t really the case. If you decide to do everything yourself, here are some of the costs that you will incur. You will spend several hours working on your lawn. You will need to figure out the right fertilizer combination for you lawn type. Not all lawns in Salt Lake City are the same. Therefore they shouldn’t be “treated” the same.


VIRIDIS Lawn Care Salt Lake City rates are very affordable. Starting as low as $ 42.00 for lawn treatment, here is a breakdown of exactly what you will get.


  • Lawn Assessment
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Lawn disease prevention/treatment


A lawn care professional is trained to know exactly what to put on your lawn and what time of year to do it. If you are still asking yourself, “Why should I hire a lawn care company”, then you should look at these three factors and see how they affect you. If you are a person who honestly enjoys taking care of your own lawn, then by all means, keep doing it yourself. However, if you are doing it yourself for purely economical, time, or quality related reasons, then you may want to reconsider whether or not it would be better to hire a lawn care company for your lawn.


When it comes to beautiful green lush lawn; at affordable rates VIRIDIS is your answer to lawn care.   If you want to really ensure that your front lawn will look good, you can hire the best lawn care service in Utah. We have the ample experience and expertise when it comes to lawn concerns. Some folks fail to create a breathtaking lawn because they don’t have the proper knowledge. Handing the task to professionals will secure you a great looking front yard.


VIRIDIS Lawns team of professionals promise that they will work really hard to greatly reduce the amount of weeds in your yard, and they will also get your grass to look it is greenest! I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by just how wonderful lawn care Salt Lake City team can get your yard to look! You will be amazed by the transformation! Best of luck to you, and I hope that you have a great experience with whatever Salt Lake City lawn care company that you choose to hire!