Boxelder Bugs and your lawn

Among the many threats to your home, some of the worst can be insects. The variety of bugs that become a nuisance is amazing. VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City Utah can help with pest control so you can keep your lawn lush and beautiful throughout the summer months and your home protected from an invasion of unwanted insects.

Being informed is critical to identifying, controlling, and preventing insect infestations.  Following is information on a familiar lawn pest – boxelder bugs.


These red lined black bugs are about ½ inch in length and stink when squished, leaving a purplish stain.  Generally, their smell is the greatest threat they pose, feeding on a variety of trees but rarely causing damage to any landscaping.

The worst time of year for boxelder bugs to become a nuisance is late summer and early fall. They begin seeking shelter for the upcoming winter which will often drive them indoors. Once inside, they can cause a variety of small problems. They stain fabrics although they won’t eat holes. They can also bite but are not poisonous.

They are difficult to kill with typical insect sprays although these can be helpful in deterring them from entering the home. Vacuuming any found indoors proves to be more effective than insecticides.  Closing up any cracks or holes in windows, around doors or walls or in the foundation can help keep them outside.  Insecticides or homemade repellants such as dish soap mixed in water can help outdoors to keep boxelder bug numbers down.

As always, when in doubt, contact a professional at VIRIDIS Lawn Care to assess and assist in your specific situation.  Our perimeter pest control can help you insure these pesky creatures never bother you or your family by overwintering in your home. Call us for all your pest control needs.

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