Perimeter Pest Plus

-4 Perimeter Pest applications

-Keeps out ants, spiders, and more

-Applied to the Perimeter of your home at regular intervals creating a barrier to keep bugs out.

-Guaranteed bug free home.

$149/Pest treatment for most homes (Bundle with Lawn Care for amazing discounts!)

Most Popular 

Perimeter Pest Control + Lawn Care

-4 Perimeter Pest applications with all of the pest free guarantees.

-7 Lawn Care applications

-Custom applications for your lawns needs.

-Perfectly timed applications to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

-Lawn Weeds




-Lawn Insect control available.**

Lawn Care Prices Start at $42 for a 4000 sqft Lawn

Other Services 


-Grub Control

-Disease Control

-Fungal Control

-Water Conservation Applications


Are you struggling to keep unwanted insects out of your home? Preventing insects such as spiders and ants from entering your home can prove to be extremely difficult and daunting. Viridis Utah Pest Control specialists apply an invisible, protective barrier around your home preventing these unwelcome intruders from invading. We offer a perimeter pest control program with guaranteed results.

Sharing your home with bugs that inhabit your carpet, clothing, beds or walls is not only annoying but these pests can also cause extensive damage to your home once inside. Once these pests have set up shop in your home, they start to plant their eggs and they multiply before your very eyes.

Creating a bug free home may seem impossible, but for our trained pest control professionals this task is achievable. We guarantee a pest free home. If you still see insects after our treatment just give us a call and we will be back – at no charge to you. It’s as simple as that.

Taking preventative actions by allowing us to apply Perimeter Pest Barrier around your home can stop the problem before it even starts. If you live in Salt Lake City or Utah County contact us today for your free consultation.

Let VIRIDIS be your answer to a pest free home today!