Beware of Lawn Care Care Services in Utah that over charge and kill your grass

Beware of Lawn Care Care Services in Utah that over charge and kill your grass

Not all lawn care companies are the same. And they vary in more than variety of services provided. Some companies provide great service, care about their customers, have reasonable prices, and do a great job. Others overcharge, ignore their customers’ needs, or provide terrible service. No one hires a professional lawn care service hoping to get poor treatment.  VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City believes in providing the best value lawn care for your money.

Common complaints against other locally based lawn care service companies vary greatly. While some customers complain of other companies’ incompetence in customer care, we pride ourselves on caring about our clients and their happiness. Concerns and complaints are taken seriously and we work to resolve any issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

Where other companies delay or even skip services, we treat your lawn in a timely manner, according to your grass’ individual needs.

Some people complained of other lawn care companies’ inability to treat lawns or pests effectively, and even damaging their landscaping.  Some customers even complained of areas being ignored completely. VIRIDIS Lawn Care guarantees customer satisfaction. We have weed free and pest free guarantees for our full service clients. We work hard to effectively treat your lawn with the attention it requires while listening to your needs and concerns.  We care about our customers’ satisfaction and helping you to beautify your landscaping.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care believes that lawn care should be affordable. We offer discounts for seniors over 60; military, police or fire service person; and for prepaying customers. We offer great treatments for great prices.

Beware of being overcharged by a sub-par company that could damage your landscaping. Instead, call VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City today for your free estimate or to schedule a treatment for your lawn.

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