Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Service in Utah

Besides looking beautiful, there are many reasons to grow a lawn around your home. VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake can teach you how important grass is to the environment and how to insure you reap the benefits rather than the disadvantages of having a lawn surrounding your home.

Often, we hear arguments against having grass including excessive water usage during a drought and chemical or fertilizer runoff pollution without taking into consideration the benefits of having a lawn.

Having a lawn in good condition with a strong, interwoven root system increases soil stability and erosion and decreases water runoff. This can also help prevent dust and other pollutants which in turn can help keep your home cleaner. The thatch layer can also create a barrier to protect the soil from chemicals that might otherwise enter and pollute the ground or nearby water.

Lawns help keep the air surrounding your home cooler which can help cut air conditioning costs during the summer months. They absorb much of the carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere which can help manage climate changes as well as produce oxygen.

A little known or thought of benefit of lawn landscaping is reduction of noise, especially in more populated areas.  Think of it as padding or carpeting for the outdoors.

Another benefit of a lawn around your home is fire protection. Green healthy grass doesn’t burn easily and having it around your home can help prevent the spread of fires and protect your home from damage.

In order to decrease some of the disadvantages of lawn care and reap the many benefits, chose a grass that is suited to your climate and water wisely, during cooler times and for appropriate amounts of time for your grass and soil type. Avoiding over watering can eliminate the runoff pollution and reduce cost of maintaining your lawn which will allow you to enjoy your lawn without worrying about harming the environment or your pocketbook.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care knows that grass plays an important role to the environment and to a family’s wellbeing. We want to ensure that you have the best lawn suitable to your area and situation. Call us today to help you maintain and care for your landscaping so you can reap the benefits of a healthy lawn.


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