It’s Spring Again, Get your Lawn Care In Utah

It’s that time of year again! Spring has arrived and that means VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City is ready to get to work on your lawn. Our services resume in mid-March to help you green up sooner and get a jump start on controlling those weeds.  We offer a variety of services to help you insure your lawn is the best it can be.

Call us today for an assessment of your lawn’s needs. Each lawn is different, with different needs. Our professionals can help you asses which treatments will be the best bring your grass to peak performance.

We offer fertilization throughout the growing season to help your lawn have the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Knowing your type of grass and soil will assist our professionals in timing and proper application of the fertilization treatments to insure optimal usage and minimal waste.

Brown spots or thin areas? We can help with that too! Whether it’s due to bugs, animals, or disease, we will assess and assist by remedying the problem and giving helpful tips to avoid them in the future.

Our perimeter pest control can help deter pests from ruining your beautiful landscape and destroying your lawn’s health. It can also keep unwanted bugs out of your home and possessions, leaving you will less hassle and more peace of mind.

We will also now be offering aeration. Our aeration service can help your lawn better utilize the water and fertilizer it receives, as well as help air circulation throughout the root system, insuring strong root growth which, in turn, leads to healthy, green grass. Aeration/Overseed is also available in the fall.

Call today to talk with our professionals about your lawn’s needs so we can help you have the landscape you desire.  Remember, with VIRIDIS, we’ll do the work; you relax and enjoy the results.

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