Common Pests in Your Lawn

If your household is suffering from a dead lawn with brown lawn spots, there are a couple possibilities that this could be causing this problem. The first problem could be that your lawn isn’t being properly irrigated, which could be leaving your grass dry and dead. This problem can usually be fixed rather easily by installing a sprinkler system, and your lawn will be back to normal in no time. If your lawn is already receiving proper irrigation, than the problem is most likely coming from pests that are inhabiting your lawn or another form of lawn disease such as fairy ring. These pests eat your grass and leave dead areas that kill off the live grass around them. Pests can be difficult to get rid of, since they lay eggs underneath the ground and new pests rise up above the ground after you have treated your lawn. In order to fully restore your lawn from one of these two conditions, it is important to call lawn care Salt Lake City, Utah before the problem becomes too large.


Common Pests


There are plenty of different types of pests that can be contributing to your dead lawn problem and creating the brown lawn areas. The first type of pest to check for is called a Chinch Bug. The Chinch Bug is a small, wingless, bright red bug when it is born, and turns black as it gets older. Chinch Bugs are shaped like a flattened black and white capsule and grows wings as it ages.


The second type of pest to check for is called a White Grub. As the name suggests, it is a small insect that is white in color and has many tiny legs on its underside. White Grubs are very detrimental to the health of your lawn, and if you are infested with them, it is important to get the problem taken care of very quickly.


The third type of bug to look for is called a Japanese Beetles. These bugs look quite a bit like lady-bugs, but are completely brown in color. Japanese Beetles eat your lawn and lay eggs that suck the nutrients from the grass stems.


If you have been infested by one of these pests, the time to call lawn care Salt Lake City, Utah is now. The professionals will be out to treat your lawn before the infestation spreads, saving your lawn from further harm and allowing it to flourish.

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