Helping high traffic areas

VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City, Utah knows that landscaping isn’t just for beauty but for is also for fun. Children and pets love having a lush lawn to play on. Barbequing or just relaxing is always better surrounded by a soft, beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, all this activity wears on grass. Some high traffic areas can begin looking trampled and bare or even start dying. Here are some tips to help you maintain high traffic areas on your lawn or perhaps even set up landscaping to avoid them in the first place!dead lawn

Here are two ways to help these overused areas. The first is to plant a variety of grass that is hardy and can withstand more traffic. Hardy grass types include Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass.  Newly sodded lawns also seem to hold up better than newly seeded lawns with excessive use, once the roots are established.  The lawn needs to be protected. Moving an animal on a tether from one area to another can give the grass a chance at growth and recovery.  If the animal causing problems doesn’t belong to you, repellants can be applied to encourage it to stay away but should be used with caution.

The second way is to replace the grass with some other landscaping choice. Typically, this is the choice that will be easier in the long run and produce better results immediately. Trying to continue growing the grass can be a hard process of seeding, aerating, and tending. Replacing the area with pavers, mulch, gravel or some other choice that fits with your landscaping can be done once and will require little to no maintenance.  beautiful lawn

Making these small changes can have a big impact in your landscape’s overall appearance and health, not to mention, the amount of work for you!



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