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Do you live in Draper Utah and/or do you want your lawn to be the pride of the neighbor?

VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Draper UT knows how much pride a beautiful landscape can bring you. Enjoying your lush lawn and beautiful gardens can make the time, money, and effort you put in, worth it. For some, even after all that effort, your hard work can be thwarted by a neighbor’s negligence. While you may keep your landscape weeded, mowed, and cared for, nearby neighbors may not, and that can quickly become your problem.

Do Your Neighbors in Draper UT let their weeds get out of control?

Are you dealing with neighbors weeds in your lawn in draper?
Are you dealing with neighbors weeds in your lawn in draper?

Neighbors allowing weeds to grow unattended can spread the problem rapidly. Birds and wind can scatter weed seeds into your property where they can take root and spread. Other weeds spread through root systems, which get stronger and harder to kill when neglected. These weeds may show up near your property lines or can end up 20 feet away. So what do you do? While nothing will guarantee you remain weed free, here are some things that can help deter those weeds.

  • Keep your lawn thick and healthy. The denser your grass, the less chance for a weed plant to crop up. Seeds usually need a bare spot to fall into in order to sprout. Reseed with grass seed any time your lawn looks sparse or has bare areas. Fertilize your lawn appropriately to help encourage strong root growth and healthy plants.
  • Mulching gardens and beds can do the same thing as growing a dense lawn – remove bare spots for seeds to get a start. Laying down a layer of mulch can also help your gardens grow healthier and use less water, a win-win situation.
  • Consider trenches, shrubs, fences, rock walls, or ground cover along the property line. You may want to discuss this with your neighbor and, it could be a great way to courteously bring up the problem their weeds are causing. Weeds have a hard time growing through rocks or in very shady areas. Fencing, such as a wooden privacy fence, can help block weeds that travel through seeds blown on a breeze. Trenching allows you to pull the weeds that creep into the trench and mow right up to its edge. Erecting these suggestions can help prevent their weeds from sneaking across the border into your lawn.
  • Stay on top of the weeds! Don’t get discouraged and ignore them for weeks. The more diligent you are in removing them, the better off your lawn and gardens will be. Using weed sprays, pulling or hoeing, or hiring a professional lawn care service such as VIRIDIS Lawn Care Draper UT to help with weed control are the best options. Ignoring them will only allow them to go to seed in your property which will cause way more problems later on.

Lastly, but possibly most importantly, try talking to your neighbor about the effect their weeds are having on your landscape. They may not realize the harm they are causing you or perhaps don’t know what to do about the problem. Offer suggestions and your help. A little neighborliness from you can do wonders.

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