Lawn Diseases

We all want a lawn that looks cared for. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our lawns can become overrun with disease.  VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City wants to help you prevent, recognize and overcome any disease that is putting a damper on your beautiful lawn.


Lawn diseases need specific conditions to thrive.  Molds grow well if lawns are over fertilized in the fall. They also multiply where snow is shoveled into large piles during winter. It can cause dead or discolored patches.  Helping snow melt faster by applying ash or graphite and application of a fall fungicide will help prevent mold from taking hold.

Fungi are one of the most common lawn maladies. Mildew also falls within this category as it originates with a fungal infection of the grass. These diseases cause thin grass and dead circles. Sometimes mushrooms can even grow within the grass. Aeration in the early spring, watering deeply and less frequently and keeping mow height between 2.5 and 3 inches will help reduce fungal growth. Also, avoid heavy applications of nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. Instead, spread the fertilizer out through a couple applications.  Fungicides can also be used if fungus has previously been a problem. One of the best ways to help prevent fungi from taking over, as well as insure that your lawn looks as good in the heat of summer as it does in the cool of spring and fall is to have more than one variety of grass seed planted.  Grass types vary on their ability to withstand diseases as well as heat or cold.

As always, avoid seriously stressing grass by over or under watering, mowing too short or scalping slopes, mowing with a dull blade that rips grass rather than cuts cleanly, and using extreme fertilizing methods. This will help insure that these common lawn diseases never have an opportunity to begin growth.  If they have already begun wreaking havoc on your beautiful landscaping, call us to help! You deserve a beautiful healthy lawn. VIRIDIS Lawn Care can help you get there!

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