Save your lawn from the harsh winter ahead

Preparing lawn for winter

Winter damage
Winter damage

Fall preparation can save heartbreak come spring. Creating favorable fall conditions will increase your chance of having healthy landscaping come spring. Lawn especially seems to get ignored or forgotten, but can greatly benefit from a little extra care come fall. Let us at VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Utah County steer you in the right direction on how to care for your lawn to help it survive the winter and thrive come spring.

Because grass “dies off” or goes dormant in late fall, many believe their work is done! Unfortunately, this idea can cause harm to your lawn. Without adequate nutrition and water, grass will struggle to return vigorously when warm weather hits. Often, winter can take a toll in other ways.

Cool season grasses can become infected with snow mold, a mold that actually loves wet, cold weather. Mowing your lawn to around 3 inches in height can help prevent this while still offering needed protection for the roots of the plant. Unkempt or overgrown grasses are most susceptible to this disease.

Adequate fall watering can go a long way toward protecting trees and shrubs as well as grass from drying out and becoming damaged.  Water well before the ground freezes and if you experience any mid-winter thaws, so the roots can absorb the moisture. Mulch can help protect from extreme temperatures as well as lock in moisture from drying winter winds.

Discuss with your VIRIDIS Lawn Care professional possible need for fertilizer.  This can benefit your lawn by giving it the needed nutrients to grow but timing is everything. Fertilizing too late in the season can actually be detrimental to your lawn’s health and ability to survive the winter, especially if it is unneeded.

Following these guides can help you find more joy in your landscape’s appearance come spring and save you the pain of having to start over building your beautiful lawn and garden should winter destroy your plants. At VIRIDIS, beautiful lawns are for anyone so call us today to discuss your landscaping needs.

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