Trimming and Edging Lawn in Utah

lawnmower-384589_1920Maintaining a professional looking lawn can be a lot of work. VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Utah can help. Below we’ll explain one of the easiest ways to take your lawn from looking good to looking great.

Edging around flowerbeds, driveways, sidewalks, etc. can vastly improve the appearance of your lawn. There are various techniques and tools that can be used for different areas of your landscape.


A power operated edger is a tool specifically designed to follow along the edges of your walkways and driveway to cut a perfectly straight and evenly spaced line. They are typically fairly easy to use and accomplish the job quickly.


Weedwackers are also a great way to edge around straight areas. By turning them on their side and following along the border to trim, you can achieve great results without having to rent, borrow, hire or buy an edger.

Manual Edger

This half circle tool, similar to a shovel, has a lip insure uniform cut levels. It can be plunged straight down into the ground near the edge you are trimming until the lip hits the soil and used to loosen the dirt and grass before you pull or shovel it out. These edgers will need sharpened occasionally to keep them working effectively. They are the most effective edger for curves around beds or walkways.


When using any power operated edging tool, be sure to hold it level and use your body to move it rather than your arms to insure you keep it level. Try to walk on the driveway or sidewalk you are edging around to keep from cutting into the lawn and to maintain the same edge every time you trim it.

With all edging techniques, proceed with care and caution. Go slowly to make sure you are cutting a smooth, straight line rather than speeding through resulting in a choppy appearance. Edging before mowing can help you effectively mow near your borders and walkways. Once all areas have been edged, they can be much more easily maintained and will cut down on the time you spend making your lawn look professionally groomed. They will only need to be re-cut when growth becomes noticeable again.

Edging can prevent your sidewalks from cracking and borders from rising out of the ground. It will also take your lawn from looking cared for to looking professionally manicured and at VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake City Utah, we want you to have the very best lawn and landscape.

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