Don’t Hire Lawn Care in Utah Until You Read This!

Hey there! VIRIDIS Lawn and Pest here, giving out a few tips to keep your lawn green, some money left in your wallet, and your summer hassle free.

Beware of lawn care services in the Salt Lake City, and in the Utah area that kill your lawn, with their fertilizer treatment.

They killed my lawn…they just kept trying to sell me stuff I didn’t need…They left my gate open…
They only sprayed water…They spread the fertilizer uneven and now my lawn looks terrible…
The technician looks like an escaped convict.

by VIRIDIS Clients

These are just several of the complaints we hear from customers that have used a cut rate competitor.

I think it’s safe to say that there are a lot of lawn care companies out there, with the above complaints.  This is something that you don’t want in a lawn care company. You called them because you are looking for answers to a specific problem. You are asking an ‘expert’ for assistance to an issue that you are having and expect a solution. Whether you are calling because you aren’t sure how to fix it, don’t have the time to fix it, or would like it taken care of professionally, you should be able to expect quality results. Is it too much to ask?…Absolutely Not!

Here are a few questions you should ask before; you consider hiring a company that does lawn care in Utah or the Salt Lake City Area.

  1. What do you expect from a lawn care service?
  2. What kind of Chemicals do they use on your grass? Are they safe for kids and plants?
  3. How knowledgeable is the lawn care specialist about lawns?  Can he are she answer your questions about proper lawn care?
  4. Is the lawn care affordable?
  5. Do they offer pest control in addition to lawn care?
  6. What kind of results can you expect?
  7. Do they do unnecessary treatments to your lawn?

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Great advice you probably heard from your parents right? This rings true in the lawn care industry as well. There is no magical potion that exists that will give you the perfect lawn overnight. A lush, healthy, beautifully green lawn comes from a consistent care program, proper mowing habits, and watering correctly. This approach takes time, time that you may or may not have. Or, time you would rather spend doing the things, that you enjoy.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care has a professional team that offers quality work.   The fertilizers we use on your grass is safe for kids, pets and plants.  Each of our team is trained in proper lawn care, they can answer any questions you may have, and they will also go the extra mile the extra mile and help you discover some things you can do for your lawn in-between treatments.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care is here to help. We promise to give you the best possible service, personal attention, and give your lawn only the treatments necessary. Give us a call today and we will get you taken care of in a personalized manner. The longer you wait to use VIRIDIS as your lawn care provider the longer you are going to be frustrated. We’ll do the work; you relax and enjoy the results! Here at VIRIDIS, lawns are our business and our passion.

Let VIRIDIS be your Families answer to lawn care!

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