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Is your lawn, the lawn all the neighbors talk about? Is it good talk or bad? Do you hear comments like, how do you get your lawn to look like that, I feel like I’m looking at a painting!…Or do visitors need a machete and safari guide just to find your front door, or tiptoe to your house in fear that a wild beast may come running out of the mangled forest that should be your lawn?

Throwing some fertilizer on your lawn may not sound very hard, but it’s trickier than you may think.  Different types of grass need different kinds of fertilizer and depending on the condition of your lawn, depends on the type of treatment your lawn should receive.

The most common mistake is when people treat grass the same way they would a plant or a tree. There are many plants and trees that can get a perfect balance of nutrients from one or two applications of a combination of minerals.   However, grass needs to be treated every 4 weeks, to lower the risk of disease and bug infestation.  Grass also needs a steady supply of nitrates to thrive, and it must be replenished regularly.

A lawn care specialist is trained to know the best treatment for your lawn, at VIRIDIS, we know every lawn is different and requires its own treatment plan.

Fields of green are our specialty. We take great pride in the great relationship we have with lawns. We like them and they like us. Just like you need a good pediatrician for your child, you need a good lawn care provider to care for your lawn. Sure you could do it yourself, if you wanted to take the time to specialize in the science of turf grass, or you could hire VIRIDIS to care for your lawn Whether you need Lawn Care in Salt Lake City or another area in Utah, We’ll do the work; you relax and enjoy the results.

VIRIDIS Lawn Care provides Fertilization (nutrition), Weed Control, Disease and Fungal Control, Lawn Insect Control (both above and below the ground), and Perimeter Pest control. These applications are administered at either regular intervals to maintain adequate nutritional levels or are precisely timed to cure any issues as quickly as possible with the least impact on the environment.

Like I said before, lawns are what we do. We can correctly identify the problems areas and provide the necessary treatments to get your lawn back to its prime. Call us, we’d love to help!

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VIRIDIS Lawn Care is now serving Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.

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