Landscaping Tips

home-867227_1920Most landscapes aren’t perfect. Though we wish they were, every lawn has difficult areas. Shade, animal homes or pathways, and soil types, to name a few culprits, can cause certain parts of your lawn to suffer. While there are steps you can take to improve these difficult places, there are other options available. Rather than struggling year after year to rehabilitate these areas, we at VIRIDIS Lawn Care want to help by explaining other landscaping options for these areas.

Create Pathways

Intentional pathways can help beautify any area that is often trampled, whether by pets or people. Lawn struggles under constant wear. Even healthy, well cared for grass can begin to look worn and haggard if over-used. Rather than having a patchy trail in your grass, intentionally create a path out of pavers, stones, concrete, or gravel for a few examples. Having a designated walking path can help your landscape look maintained rather than damaged.

Use Appropriate Plants

Accepting that some plants are more suited to certain conditions than others can simplify your life and greatly reduce the time and effort put into your lawn. Whether shady or sunny, wet or dry, clay or sandy soil, these difficult conditions have plants suited to thrive there. Researching different grass types can help you have varieties that will grow in your specific conditions. Perhaps even replacing portions of lawn with shrubs, flower beds, or rock gardens is the right move for simplifying and beautifying your landscape.

Use Edging

Whether around a garden or flower bed, edging can greatly reduce the struggle of keeping lawn where it belongs. Placing edging that is buried at least 4 inches deep and stands above ground at least an inch can help keep grass from encroaching on your beds. This can then be covered with more attractive edging such as rocks, bricks, etc.  In a different sense, edging, or trimming, around sidewalks, driveways, and property lines can sharpen your landscape’s appearance and help preserve the concrete or pavement. Over time, grass will try to grow over and around these areas. Edging around them will keep grass where it belongs!

Considering these options when addressing your landscaping concerns will save you money and effort in the long run and may just give you a more attractive and unique landscape. No matter your trouble area and its cause, VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Salt Lake wants to help you fix it so you can be surrounded by the beauty you deserve.

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