Quality Lawn Care Utah

At VIRIDIS Lawn Care Utah we want to help you have a beautiful, lush, show quality lawn. Here are some handy tips and hints to help you have the best lawn in your neighborhood. Doing these things will help prevent weeds and disease; create greener, healthier grass; and even save you money in watering and fertilizing.

One of the most important ways to help improve your lawn quality and appearance is mowing properly. Mow height set around 3 inches is ideal for blocking weeds from the sunlight, shading grass roots and even looking uniform in color. Cutting too short can cause much of the crown and thatch to show, creating an illusion of dry or yellowing grass.  Mowing with a dull blade can also create a yellowing appearance as it tears the grass.  This can also stress the grass which makes it easy for weeds, pests or diseases to move in. Never cut more than 1/3 of the height off your grass and leave the clippings to self-fertilize the lawn. Mowing in different patterns and directions will encourage grass to grow straight rather than at a slant.

Feeding your lawn appropriately is also important. Over fertilizing can burn grass and cause it to look dry, discolored, and dull. Use a spreader or hire a professional to apply fertilizer to insure proper distribution and decrease chances of burning or stressing your lawn.  Applying fertilizer at the right time is also important. Spring fertilizing can help prevent crabgrass growth but it can also create fungus problems if followed by too much rain and applied too heavily.  Using organic fertilizers helps eliminate some of these problems. Manure and compost are good examples of organic fertilizers. It works more slowly than synthetic fertilizer but it improves the lawn over time with less possible stress if applied more heavily.

Repairs are often necessary to maintain that beautiful lawn. Areas brown or die. Reseeding those areas can help prevent weeds from finding a place to root. Check sprinkler rotations to make sure no areas are left under watered.

Weeds can also crop up among the grass. The best thing to do in this situation is remove weeds by the roots as soon as they appear. Herbicides are also effective against many types of weeds but can cause toxic runoff or harm to animals.

Having a show quality lawn can be more work initially but once the lawn is established, well fertilized with nutrients often made available, and growing thickly to help block weeds, the amount of maintenance required decreases drastically.  Call us today to let us help you get your lawn to where you want it to be.

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