Should you use Weed Whackers?

Weed eaters or weed whackers can vastly improve the neatness of your lawn. Mowers can’t always get into tight corners, near fences, or around trees and shrubs. Weed eaters can. Here, VIRIDIS Lawn Care of Utah will explain more about using weed eaters to give you a professionally groomed appearance on your landscape.

Weed eaters are best suited for smaller areas such as edges where lawns meet sidewalk or gravel; around poles, decks or trees; and in small or tight corners. They don’t offer a height guidance so using them to cut a large patch of lawn, rather than using a lawn mower, could create a choppy, uneven appearance.

Weed eaters can also be used to edge around sidewalks or flowerbeds by turning it sideways. Line it up with the edge needing trimmed before pulling the throttle. Lower the weed eater until it cuts the correct amount off the edge and move slowly down the line, keeping the edge in line with the weed eater.  Use caution and appropriate safety gear including safety glasses.

Don’t use weed eaters in rocks as the nylon string could snap and need to be replaced when it comes in contact with hard objects. Also, don’t weed eat before mowing. Achieving a uniform height would be much more difficult. Instead, mow first, then use the weed eater to match the height, starting higher than the mow height to insure you don’t accidentally cut the grass too low. For best results, hold the weed eater at about a thirty degree angle from your body.

When replacing the string, be sure to use the correct size and follow the instructions for your specific weed eater. Otherwise, you could end up with a very tangled mess or a damaged machine.

These small machines are generally easy to operate and can vastly improve the quality of your lawn’s appearance. Weed eating requires a little more work than simply mowing but can increase the professionalism of your landscape enough to be worth the extra effort.


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